RGS Fruits

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The main RGS facilities are located in St Petersburg. From there we distribute our produce to our local retail and wholesale customers throughout the Russian Federation.

In-depth inspection

On arrival at our facilities product is unloaded and an initial inspection is carried out. Our experienced quality managers check samples for any physical damage that may occur while in transit and estimate their quality to ensure product's integrity.

Using modern measuring equipment, specialists evaluate the quality of the product on a large number of relevant aspects: from visual look and colour to sugar content and hardness. In-depth inspection is done if none of the aspects seems to have been compromised.

If not, we determine the reasons and size of product damage. Then, after the assessments of the potential of this shipment have been taken, we give it a particular status. We realize that fresh fruit business involves certain risks, but try and minimize them in favour of our suppliers and customers.

Controlled Environment

In order to keep the cold chain, pallets
of incoming fruits and vegetables are immediately removed from vehicles
on arrival at our facilities and stored
in temperature controlled zones
waiting for in-take inspection.