RGS Services


Efficient and accurate handling of the goods flowing in and out of our Company requires continuous optimisation of all the logistical processes. Saint Petersburg, being the largest seaport in Russia, offers a multitude of choices for importing products either by container or charter vessels. The location of our company is optimum for receiving goods and then distributing them to final locations in the
Russian Federation.


Our suppliers are our partners, and their success provides essential basis for our success. Satisfaction with the quality of fruits from our suppliers makes possible our steady growth and our competitive capacity in the market. Through partnership and constructive dialogue with our growers and suppliers we are to attain the best performance. The actual achievements of our Company attest to the truth of the chosen business direction.


Retail department of RGS employs young and enthusiastic people who develop Company's participation in the retail market with a keen interest. Still being relatively new concept in Russia, retail chain distribution is in a state of constant growing now. Our Retail department is currently covering only Saint Petersburg chains, but we intend to embrace all parts of Russia as well.

Our Company's policy is based on two principals which are Partnership and Market knowledge. We appreciate partnership with our suppliers and customers. They are the key to our success. And our business expertise provides the clients with inside-of-market information. We are fast to respond to changes and make timely marketing decisions.

Sales and Distribution

Our well-established customers ensure the very existence of our Company. Meeting 100% of our customers' requirements based on market and consumers needs as well as guaranteeing the quality of our products are our top objectives. Joint development is an important factor in strengthening close customer contact.

We supply our clients in all federal districts of Russia and also service local retail chains in Saint Petersburg.


We have always targeted regional suppliers as our main focus. Members of the established customer base of more than 100 companies sell our imported products in all parts of Russia. The map (see Geography) shows the area of our wholesale distribution.