RGS Information

We welcome the opportunity to serve you!
RGS means the Right Choice!

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with fresh and excellent quality product all the year round. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through hard work and by applying business standard of excellence to all RGS products and services. We understand the business and what it involves to please our customers, whether on a large or small scale. We are truly committed to our rule of thee - Reliability, Consistency
and Quality.

Company Highlights

We established direct relations with vegetable and fruit producers from the Netherlands and Belgium followed by weekly shipments on trucks and charter vessels.

RGS was founded. The first import transaction was a consignment of Conference pears from the Netherlands. At that time the company owned only 350 square meters of cold storehouse with a total work staff of four people.


We strive to turn our competitive advantages - people, suppliers, infrastructure, and our business
relations - into value for our customers
by delivering them and their consumers superb service and high-quality product.

We are creative, flexible and dedicated.
Our innovative power, research and development work are to drive our leadership in the market.

Our Goals

    • Our goals define where we focus our efforts and commitments and set our vision for working with partners to find new solutions.
    • In the first place is promoting responsible growing practices that help create better future for growers and a more stable business climate.
    • Second, playing active and leading role in the fruit import industry of the
      Russian Federation.
    • Third, obtaining the finest quality produce from reliable growers all
      year round.
    • And finally, meeting and fulfilling the requirements of our customers.